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a deliberately uneventful evening

i saw this giant foot floating around trafalgar square on the way to a reception at 11 Downing Street (nice name dropping hey?). Number 11 is where Tony Blair lives (because he did a house swap (and job swap) with Gordon Brown.
when the formal part of the event finished, i had to rush back out of downing street to a meeting at church and so i went without the free house of commons wine, and the free pint of beer given away with the london evening newspaper to celebrate saint george’s day (they know us English too wel).
it turns out i missed this fantastic record attempt in trafalgar square which i’d have seen if i’d done more adventuring before. but i did get to go to downing street and the refreshments at the church meeting were mighty fine.
a funny old day, which could have been slightly funnier. but that’s most days isn’t it ?


1 thought on “a deliberately uneventful evening”

  1. Picture 1: Some one must have been feeling defeated or defooted.
    Picture 2. Obviously before I got at the Ferrero Rochet!

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