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11 Responses to shoes in a tree

  • Clearly, it is a shoe tree already in fruit due to the warm winter/spring

  • Looks more like a pair tree.

  • True! But I do note from the cut ends of branches that the tree has been pared!

  • Indeed. And as it is a fruit tree that explains the fact that it’s been “trained”.

  • So that must complete the punny story told in this picture (unless someone knows more!?).
    In order to train this pair tree, (aka shoe tree), the trainers (or tree surgeons) climbed the tree, removed their trainers (for extra grip?), and paird off the ends of the overlong branches. I daren’t say anything about how appalling (or appleing) this story is for fear of setting Vin off again.

  • i’m just loving yous’ twos comments ! keep them coming.
    the pair-tree comment was especially fantastic. wish i’d thought of that.
    however, i was worried i might have soled out on this whole shoe thing.

  • “keep them coming” OK, fp, you asked for it…(sorry, Rascle).
    It’s one of a new-look chain of shoe-shops. Branches everywhere.

  • When you see shoes hanging from trees, lights or power lines in certain areas of Auckland, it’s a covert advert for the dwelling below, a ‘tinny house’ selling foil twists of weed. The tourist board are reporting me to Immigration as I type, I’m sure.

  • these were on the south bank in london which suggests the national theatre might have other trades ?

  • Oh Vin! I never twigged that one!

  • And…..
    doubtless nobody in the ‘chain-saw’ it either!

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