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nails, shoe repair and key cutting

this is a classic nail salon frontage with standard 80s style advertising. but more than that it’s also got a shoe repair and key cutting (while-u-wait) attached. which is a nice piece of diversification.


4 thoughts on “nails, shoe repair and key cutting”

  1. Strange to relate, in the course of my job, I recently also had cause to visit a nail parlour that had a second retail operation in the same premises.
    I was coordinating an investigation of the unexplained increase in water usage for a landlord. I and two water engineers checked the exterior service connection and then headed inside the building.
    We discovered that the nail parlour was staffed by a number of very pretty Chinese ladies in velour jogging suits and slippers. Further discrete inquiries revealed that nails were not the only things that the ladies buffed, if you get my drift.
    And people told me the water industry would be boring.

  2. Not as interesting but my experience with these sort of premises is that they do a good line in ironing board covers. I once bought a special offer 3 for the price of 2 and later calculated , based on the time the worn out one I was replacing had lasted , that I had enough covers to last me until I am 103 .

  3. i agree with rascle. i can provide the pictures, but it’s your stories and comments which make it so much fun !

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