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bollard sea-rescue

here is our friend ‘The Cod’. she regularly tells me of good things she’s spotted, and this time she’s caught it on camera.
She climbed in to this river to rescue a bollard, but unfortunately wasn’t able to save the one upsway down further along.
i think this might be the most committed reader action yet !


5 thoughts on “bollard sea-rescue”

  1. hi beetee
    this is quite a regular comment. i call them bollards as that’s the word i use for them.
    i think ‘officially’ a bollard is more of a permanent fixture as you say, but who cares about officialness !
    and it’s only my word to describe them.
    and the word bollard is SO good to say !

  2. When it comes to street furniture I care about nomenclature . And so would you if you tripped over a cone
    As Ken Dodd wanst said ” What a lovely day to walk into a fishmongers and shout MOLLUSCS , they cant touch you for it ”

  3. ah, but you’re thinking about it in a professional capacity aren’t you ?
    in my mind they are bollards and it’s my mind on here, so that’s what i’ll stick with.
    apologies to all nomenclature exactists !

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