it was everywhere

i’m not a sports fan (other than the bingo, which isn’t really a spectator sport). yesterday there was no escape from football which seemed to be playing on tellies in every cafe and bar in town. to escape the misery i took kezia on a tour of electronic shops, but it was no good as banks of televisions were tuned to the same channel and people (mostly male shopping-widows) were stood watching.


8 thoughts on “it was everywhere”

  1. It was the FA cup final at the weekend. It was about the best FA cup final there has been for about 25 years that was why there was so much interest. Not a big fan myself so didn’t watch it. Though tI’d fill you in on the “mystery”
    I look in on your new photos every couple of days. I’m living with my uncle at the moment, I think it was left in his History after researching “Red elastic bands”???? Like a cat, curiosity go thte better of me and I’ve had to have a look. Feel a bit voyeurisitc commentin gon a Blog of a person I don’t know from Adam but just wanted to tell how strangely interesting I find these little jaunts through the every day are.
    I’m an engineer who travels from Crystal Palace to Crawley everyday. I never look up to take note of th eworld around me. This website makes me look a little bit more. Thank you very much from hopefully a slightly less alien – Kevin Monk.

  2. now rascle. i hope you are composing your Electrical Engineers, non-football fans song this year to compete against the official sporting anthems ?

  3. ‘fraid not FP I’m too apathetic about footy to do that, but dont tell my daughter (the one who works in a nursery) or she will murder me. I usually just manage to fool her!!! (Note 3 exclamation marks)

  4. Here’s a non-football anthem for electrical engineers. TO the tune of “I’m forever blowing bubbles”:-
    I commute from Crystal Palace
    Off to Crawley every day
    I never try
    To catch the eye
    Of all of the sights
    Which pass me by.
    I don’t care for football
    Or negativity
    I log on to Funkypancake
    Funkypancake’s all I need

  5. Well done Andy.
    While the odd ode or ditty does come into my repetoire, I’m sure I couldnt have matched that.

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