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£9.09 – funny price


4 thoughts on “£9.09 – funny price”

  1. By funny do you mean mathamatically challenged ?I make it correct to 2 decimal places .
    Or is it a reference to the leaf,as in “Leave o(r)f ” ie consumer disbelif in a bargain , by a cockney
    PS Can we have a spell checker on this blog ?

  2. i was thinking the absolute value. ie 9 pounds and 9 pence. it’s quite rare to see an odd 9pence. they usually get rounded up to 10 pence, or 20 pence, 25 pence or even 50 pence.

  3. you’re right. i saw the final price before i noted it was 30% off some other rounded total.
    thanks for keeping me right beetee !

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