March 2006

snow fight

this little chap took on the might of a snow plough with his snow canon.
he was no match and was soon erased
no snow (or people) were harmed in the making of these photos

negative statue

this statue picture looked a bit boring so i negatived it and it now looks a bit fancier.

happy land

there is actually a place called happy land. you can see it here if you don’t believe me

everything you need

in a world where every hotel is equipped with DVD players, Ipod docking stations and wifi Internet access, it’s pleasing to see some hotels are proud of their basics. All rooms have clock radios. brilliant.

esther in concert

esther had a concert yesterday where she sang and played her recorder. it was in a proper theatre and everything.
kezia loved watching her older sister and afterwards said “well done Esther, you did well and you did exactly what you had to do”. i think that’s quite a good compliment coming from a 4 year old.
when the children weren’t performing they had to sit on the stage. i noticed two children (a boy and girl) at the back punching each other and having a proper fight which was quite interesting. Meanwhile, the older ones practiced balancing their recorders on their ends which regularly resulted in clonks during other people’s performances.
esther was not involved in either of these misdemeanors

hands up for chocolate biscuits

the plan is to walk the thames path with jane’s parents. jane’s mum (known to the girls as poochy) is an expert on wild life which is extremely useful !
here is chris giving blog-land a wave (whilst requesting a chocolate biscuit)

the thames path – part 2 kemble to keynes country park

we continued our walk down the Thames Path yesterday. You may remember that last week’s 12 miles were cut short because of kezia misery, so we picked up the walk where we left it – kemble train station.
at this stage the thames is just a small stream and incredibly clear.
wooden bridges provided plenty of opportunities for pooh sticks
the thames continues to snake round the edge of fields. here a telegraph pole spans the width
And near our destination it starts doing some fancy corner-work through some little wooded areas
Unfortunately kezia was ill again and her misery brought our journey to an end at keynes country park
so, we’ll pick the walk up again at somerford keynes in a few weeks time when we’ve next got a free weekend for walking. at this rate we should get it finished by the time the girls leave secondary school !
(and we got rained on lots)

a spanner-like contraption

here’s a new category – gate locks. i’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be a standard method for locking gates in the countryside. it’s all very free-style which leads to innovation.
so here’s one to get us started. it’s a bit like a spanner and provided a great lock. it was quite satisfying to clip it on too.

not quite abbey road

the art of photography is spotting something which is about to happen and grabbing the moment as it does with your camera. if you are photographing a glove that can be quite easy.
here i saw three cleaning trollies heading for a zebra crossing and i though “aha, abbey road“.
so i starting taking my photos to capture the moment they all went in a line
and just as they did, two mopeds turned up to block the view
and before anyone says anything, yes, i know there were three of them, and they were pushing cleaning trollies and there was a central reservation and they were heading right to left, not left to right, and it’s not actually on Abbey Road.
it was never going to be that beatles cover was it. oh well.

software bug

here’s a funny thing. it’s a ladybird wandering over my computer screen. it had just walked between ‘delete’ and ‘junk’ and was heading for the word ‘thunderbird’.
this picture also shows the quality of emails i was receiving on a friday afternoon. someone had sent an email to a mailing list i’m on simply stating ‘please ignore’. people didn’t.