the story of our christmas tree

on saturday i took the girls to get a christmas tree. jane told me to try and make it last as long as possible as she was busy making christmas cards.
we saw a sign for christmas trees pointing in to a lawn mower repairing place which seemed like a nice combination, so in we went. things started very well when we came across this ‘no dogs’ sign:
inside we were offered two options – precut trees or a fresh one from the field, so off we went hunting
we identified a likely looking tree (here it is still in the ground)
and then we headed back to get the saw
and then i chopped it down (photo by esther)
here it is felled by my fair hands. what a monster
then we had to put it through the ‘tree netting service’. it was so small (only about 4 foot tall) we needn’t have bothered but we wanted to see how it worked !
when we got it home we had stretchy fun removing the net
and we took iit inside after decorating the base and plopping it in
then yesterday we decorated it:
there was something quite special about going with my daughters to ‘catch us a tree’ in a field. i’ve never done it before but i hope we’ll do it again. we drive by the field we went in quite regularly so we’ll watch out for them growing next year.