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Hell Fire Club

jane went to a ladies’ church convention yesterday in london so i looked after the girls. kezia and i started by going to McDonalds and eating bacon butties and ice-cream, then we went to our friends house to pick up esther.
after that we went to West Wycombe where we went down the caves which are associated with the Hell Fire Club.
here’s kezia in the dark waving my torch about
the caves themselves are mostly man made and really amazing, especially when you learn about the kinds of secret things people got up to down there. the official website is here which lets you follow the tour through the caves.
here are kezia and esther outside the front entrance:
after going down the caves we walked to the top of the hill to see the church and mausoleum, collected conkers and had great sandwiches in the cafe.
once again, it’s interesting that all the action in the caves happened mid to late 1700s which was the time people were being buried in bunhill fields. it’s like i’m trapped in some time warp at the moment !