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something i missed

most of my photos are taken on the way to or from meetings and other work activities. often i see things and simply don’t have time to stick around and see how they pan out.
here’s a good example. it’s the set of an outside play called ‘the hole job’
look at the fantastic sign in the background of this (you’ll have to click to see properly):

here’s the general set:

don’t ask y(fronts):

the advert

1 thought on “something i missed”

  1. Picture 1: clearly the 2 centre forward Bollards lining up for a game of Bollard Footy – Patiently awaiting the Ref to supply the ball.
    Picture 2: The supporting team of wingers just as the “1/2 time”, or “Tea break” sign is shown.
    Picture 3: Perhaps the bollard version of our 3-legged race is a bollard 2-legged race with their heads in the Y-fronts?.

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