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a shoe on the bonnet

remember the car with the shoe ? i said it was no place for a shoe, but commenter jokey disagreed.
i therefore give you this as further evidence. the shoe has now slipped down on to the bonnet.

cars just don’t get it. they have wheels, not feet. it’s no wonder things go wrong when they attempt tricks with shoes. it’s just showing off. plain and simple.


3 thoughts on “a shoe on the bonnet”

  1. okay, when i see this development… but this shoe could have been an interesting decoration like hair laces or so 😉

  2. i knew you’d agree when you saw this blatant disregard of property.
    i’m just sorry i had to break the news to you in this way.

  3. i am fine.
    i hope, more people will feel invited to write their comments!!!
    by the way: your titles and subtitles are brilliant!

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