street flower with shadow

because of the incredible business of life i’ve been getting the 6am train which gets me in to london 7ish for my walk to work.
i’ve been absolutely loving the sunny mornings of the last week. look at the shadow on this teeny flower.

i could do with a bit more sleep though.

1 thought on “street flower with shadow”

  1. I used to be an evenng person, rather than a morning one. Quite few years back,I used to do a fair amount of sailing, and one year did a Fastnet Race (Not the infamous storm).
    I was on a 2 til 6 watch all week. I dreaded it, before hand, but ended up loving it.
    After the first hour, it was all watching the sky get lighter, the sea and clouds appear, it get so nearly light, then those magical first rays of real dawn – in virtually total peace and silence.
    “Nearer, my God, to thee”!

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