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Tower 42

i got to go to a meeting up Tower 42 this week (also known as the Natwest Tower)

the conference room is only half way up the tower and you can only look out one side, but it was still very impressive.
i took plenty of photos of course. click on the pictures below to get the full sized version (which are very big) and do your own exploring:
the thames, bank, tate modern, westminster in the background


st paul’s, BT tower in the distance


barbican and a couple of other new tall buildings


another view of westminster


it was a rainy day anyway, but by the time we stopped the meeting for coffee it got very rainy


it kind of made me think about what london might have been like in the smog. without the london eye of course


looking down from the 24th floor (see the people below with umberellas)


3 thoughts on “Tower 42”

  1. In the car on the way to work this morning Southern Counties Radio played the golden oldie “Waterloo Sunset”. I’ve never really listend to the words before, but it made me think this guy was an early acoustic Dave Blog.
    That same ability to see the beauty or quirk in an everyday, and some might say grot, scene.
    Keep the great trad going Dave. More people might catch on to the power of positive thought.

  2. Waterloo Sunset was meant to be about the view from Waterloo Bridge, which you just about can’t see on these pictures because of the big blobby grey building in the fore-front. Hoorah for The Kinks !
    but … “grot scenes” ? what are you talking about ???
    keep up the good comments !

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