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french dog signs

here are a couple of dog signs from france from reader Wayne who’s from frankfurt, but from britain.
here’s a classic french dog with the round head top.
wayne writes: this sign has been around the block; noteworthy for almost random geometric shapes for body parts

and here’s some instructions on cleaning away its mess. the dog at the top looks good.
wayne writes: cleaning up after pooping; the pictures are worth 1000 words, which is just as well, cos I don’t understand the words

and here’s some skates he sent. i think the skateboard looks more like some menacing eyes.
wayne writes: stunningly accurate inline skate, and v basic skateboard, both banned. The sign is set in its own paving stone in the ground.

1 thought on “french dog signs”

  1. The dog sign is a little alarming .. the first bit says, “slip the bag on”(tho, we would probably say put your hand in the bag), then “sieze the evacuation” (or the doggy-do), then “turn the bag inside out” (standard doggy-do pick up procedure) and finally “throw the bag away” (always good advice).. But the bit that I find worrying is the bit at the bottom after “to take a bag, pull”, it says in (), “bags are not edible!” (I think, or is it the bags are not for food?)

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