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mysterious street writing. and what are the erased word ?


4 thoughts on “anaglypta”

  1. I think you’ve found the remains of Stone Age Googlewhack dictionary. If you search “anagiypta pavement” you get no results.
    One of the other words looks like ‘Greenfly’ and the other ‘Kite’, although that first one could be Gregory, or not.
    When do you publish the answers?

  2. I took the fifth letter as bring an ‘I’ not an ‘L’ as it’s written in capitals and there’s no bottom horizontal line.
    It would make much more sense someone writing Anaglypta on the pavement. I ‘get’ it now. It’s one of those old wallpaper jokes they used to tell before the days of Knock Knock.

  3. Where was the photo taken? There’s a business called Anaglypta at 19 Garrick St WC2E 9BB, and they have a wallpaper style called Kite. If you send me a big-sized JPEG, I’ll be able to have a better stab at enhancing it.

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