moon bike

i used to have a bike a bit like this. i called it moon bike.
it had huge planks of wood attached in the shape of flames to it to make it look great. but it was heavy and liable to lift up when accelerating (or even sitting down).
i took it to the Reading Festival once and parked it under the bungie jumps.
i then met jane (my wife) and she had a car so i gave the bike back to the chap who did the customising for me. we were both happy with that arrangement.
i loved moon bike. i wonder where he is now …


3 thoughts on “moon bike”

  1. I recall the moon bike.
    I had to sit on the floor of Daves flat all evening because the moon bike lived propped up aginst his sofa (chain side out-of course).
    It was too heavy to move and great to look at so we didnt mind the discomfort of sitting of the floor.
    I only hope that it is still around somewhere…

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