bags in the rain

these bags were all lined up outside a very posh hotel in the rain this morning. i think this sums up british holidays quite nicely.
i also saw a group of American tourists who were stuck crossing a road as their giant suitcases on wheels were preventing them from crossing a huge puddle which seperated them from the pavement.
i’ll see if they are still there this evening on the way back to the station.


5 thoughts on “bags in the rain”

  1. you can always tell 😉
    no, actually, they were speaking with an american accent. “oh gee, look at all tha’ waaarter”
    although, to be fair, i’m not very good at identifyin accents, so they could have been:
    South African
    New Zealish
    non-UK speaking european who leant english by watching MTV.

  2. I wish my suitcase was as posh as one of those. They look like you could drop them from a great height and they would still be intact due to their superior craftmanship.

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