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telly castors

i took our old telly back to Asda last night to exchange it for a new one. it was a bit weird wheeling it in on a trolley.
the new telly is a widescreen one so i can see what we were missing on the sides of the picture.
i assumed that all telly was broadcast widescreen these days. but it appears not.
i might fit some little curtains on either side of the screen like in the cinema for when the picture is not broadcast in widescreen.


3 thoughts on “telly castors”

  1. Why are all DVDs recorded in widescreen?
    When I watch them on my low tech “narrow screen” television it’s like watching a film through the letterbox.

  2. Because that’s how they were made. Your natural range of vision is actually very widescreen – it’s your TV that is the wrong shape. 🙂

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