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i’m ill today. achy, massive headache, hurty neck, voice like barry white. so i’m taking a rare sick day and spending it in bed. it’s been brewing for a week so hopefully this is the climax of the movement. apologies for the lack of updates today.
UPDATE: thanks to my old friend coproxamol i’m feeling a little better and can at least think again. back to work tomorrow …


5 thoughts on “malady”

  1. Aww, poor you! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Try hot honey and lemon drinks and a cool damp flannel on the forehead.

  2. So sorry you’re sick! But, hey–Barry White, nice for your wife, isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind hearing him talk all day, even if he only said, “Hey, baby, could you hand me some Kleenex?” or “Uuuuugh, I’m so sick. I feel so awful. I think I’m going to die. I wish I would die. Uuuugh.”

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