vicars at easter

easter certainly brings out the vicars. we had a really good service at church this morning – it was family service (kids stayed in) and there was a communiion. it was a real celebration of what God, through Jesus, did.
there was also a baptism of one of our friends’ children which added to the fun. they brought their own vicar with them so there were two official vics there.
and then there was matthew, seen here. he’s also a vicar but you wouldn’t know to look at him standing their with his Easter bucks-fizz champagne.
we all stood around pondering the power of the resurrection and the fantastic things that God does whilst drinking champagne and scoffing cake.
bucks fizz and chocolate cake makes a good alternative communion.
at our old church they give out grapes to children in the communion which is a nice idea. they should wrap them in breadcrumbs – that would be even better