office equipment

the modern office is a delicate equilibrium. things are created and destroyed following a careful and seemingly endless pattern.
letters are written on word processors, printed out, put in envelopes, posted, opened, read and destroyed, and/or filed, but whatever, mostly eventually land filled.
each piece of equipment in the office has its nemesis. for the printer, it’s legion: the dustbin, the shredder, the recycling bag etc.
for the stapler it’s the staple remover (seen here). it could be argued the remover is only needed when mistakes are made.
but i say removing staples is just part of the process.
i love my stapler. it’s grip is great. and you can store it vertically on its nose.


4 thoughts on “office equipment”

  1. cellotape or music tape ?
    music tape would be ear defenders.
    cellotape is quite rare in the modern office. i had to use walter’s tape this morning and got in a terrible pickle. therefore my nemisis would probably be the cellotape and the principle of reciprocity means i would be the cellotape’s.
    i note that the modern post-it note is designed to be temporal yet permanent in its sticky glueitude.
    (i’m not sure i answered your question!)

  2. Cellotape is now all that rare in the offices I know of. 🙂
    In fact, without cellotape, stickyback plastic, and duct tape, I’m not sure how a lot of offices would survive. 🙂

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