another china tea cup

here are three photos sent to me from cousin mike.
the chap with kermit is probably my wife’s mother’s sister’s husband. but might not be. spot the china cup which i becoming a regular feature. the other is a dog i think.
DSCN0330.jpg DSCN0460.jpg
and here are some pebbles. i hope they were shadow-proof.


3 thoughts on “another china tea cup”

  1. The chap with kermit is indeed Mr. David Bruce. The funny thing is that David has been involved in the film industry for a long, long time. In fact he’s on the BAFTA voting panel so he gets to choose the films that ought to get nominated for gongs. I reckoned that this picture was one of those “so tell me kermit, what have you been doing since ‘The Great Muppet Caper’?”
    The dog is our lab Ollie D. Extreme close up.

  2. Doesn’t “wife’s mother’s sister’s husband” = “wife’s uncle”? Don’t waste bandwidth with too many words.

  3. i thought you were on broadband ? if so, then why are you worried ?
    i wasn’t sure if all our readers would understand the term ‘uncle’ so i broke it down in to lowest common denominator elements.

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