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london: once a pine forest on a mountain

as you may know, london was, until the 1980s, a small village in a giant pine forest on a mountain. In the 80s they removed the trees, flattened the mountain, and moved various historic buildings from across the UK in to the newly formed city of London.
They even extended this concept to the london underground where the various different lines were brought from different towns and villages. This is why each of the lines has its own individual characteristics, and why so few other towns in the UK have their own underground transport. One engineer on the project said “it’s like extracting varicose veins and putting them back in someone else’s legs, but much more rewarding”
The idea was that a concentration of ancient and interesting buildings in a small area would encourage tourism as well as providing a nice backdrop for those working in the city.
Unfortunately, with progress, nature was destroyed. The pine forest and mountain seem like a distant dream. People who lived in London village just 25 years ago still resent the destruction of their quiet hamlet.
These people protest silently once a year by placing pine trees in the street outside their houses thus hindering pedestrian access.
here are just a few i spotted this morning:
DSC09458.jpg DSC09463.jpg
DSC09461.jpg DSC09462.jpg DSC09460.jpg