how do houses work ?

i’ve been trying to fill jane’s tax return in, but the inland revenue site is broken (nice plan) so i thought i’d do some DIY instead.
when it comes to DIY i am rubbish. totally.
my limit is a dripping tap. that’s just about doable i thought. just a matter of turning the water off, unscrewing the thing and cleaning the doofa and puttting it all back together.
so i went to our airing cupboard where i thought the stop cocks would be. and this is what i found was a load of pipes (note the absence of anything turny):
so i followed the pipes (some hot some cold) and found this under some floorboards:
i haven’t got a clue where anything goes, or what it supposed to do. it’s all too scarey. so i’ll put up with the dripping tap for a few more weeks until jane’s dad’s available to do it for me point me in the right direction
meanwhile brother edd is a few miles away rewiring someone’s house. either he got all the practical genes or the household he’s rewiring should be very scared.
erk – this has got to be my most boring blog entry to date. i apologise.
back to work tomorrow so normal mis-service will be resumed.