first annual paper puddle boat race

the conditions were ideal, if a little windy, for a lunchtime race on Tottenham Court Road.
It was the first annual funkypancake paper puddle boat race.
There were four boats two from John (top and bottom), one from Pete (on the right) and one from myself (on the left).

pete was worried people might laugh at him so he didn’t come down to the race itself (this despite the fact he dresses up in women’s clothing to play a dame in panto each year). as a result we changed the rules and disqualified his boat because it had sticky tape on it.
here is john standing by the course. the wind was blowing right to left.
the boats set off
mine was the first to capsize. my sail was too big and after a brief surge forward, the power of the wind up turned my boat
john’s boats listed from the start
interestingly it was the official sign which made it to the other side of the puddle first
and, like good citizens we fished out the boats and placed them in a storage compartment for another day.


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