crazy weather

it snowed this afternoon. i know this because it took me 2.5 hours to get home from work. but it was interesting as people broke the rules and spoke to each other.
when i found a train which was working i was dissapointed to find on my exit that the next carriage along had no working lights. i would have LOVED to have been in this spooky carriage. anyhow …
this sign came hurtling along the road in front of me down Praed Street like it was on castors. it was a nice advertising techique as everyone turned to look at it. it also got stuck in the middle of the road so lots of car drivers looked at it too.
a man on the train said to me he loved the snow and when he grew up in Wales he used to go sledging using a Volkswagon Beatle bonnet. my reply to this random piece of information was “i didn’t know they made hats”. i don’t think he understood, but then neither did I.
why were there so many VW Beatle bonnets in Wales ? I asked him and he said “I dunno, but they had loads. even the schools had some”.
(American visitors will note that a ‘bonnet’ is a ‘hood’ – which is also a head covering so the joke still works).
here are some wires looking good in the snow: