drinks machine

there were no cups in the drinks machine this morning so it wouldn’t dispense. a very nice man came along and it turns out there were cups in there, but just not in the right place. these things happen occasionally apparently.
i complimented the man on his machine, because it’s the first drinks machine i’ve found which dispenses drinks of hot water which actually tastes nice. Usually selecting ‘hot water’ is just a pipe cleaning option which ends up tasting like old tea/coffee.
“how so” ? i asked. “here so” he replied and pointed to the dedicated hot water pipe (the white one on the right)


2 thoughts on “drinks machine”

  1. i gave up tea and coffee a year and half ago (as part of a major diet change to beat my chronic pain).
    i like the social aspect of holding a hot mug of steaming liquid so i drink hot water instead.
    i tried those fancy flavoured tea, but the smell always seemed loads nicer than the taste, resulting in disapointment. and no one wants that.
    so hot water it is. sometimes with half a lemon squeezed in, usually not.

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