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advent day 11

day eleven of the advent calendar picture challenge – from the shape of the plastic thing we can just about tell it was wise man.
unfortunately someone stole the chocolate before i opened the door, so no chocolate picture today. unfortunately it’s you the reader who loses out as a result of this jape (i’m not too bothered myself as the chocolate in the calendar doesn’t taste too great !)
so, here are my wise men photos from today:
firstly, wise men from the church nativity set. they do a really funny thing in our church as the wise men slowly move round the church in the weeks up to christmas so they arrive at the stable just after Christmas. it must really freak out the kids, but i like to think of what the journey must be like for those little wise men. what an adventure they have !
it’s also great that the guy at the front is kneeling down, so in fact he’s shuffling along to meet the new born king.
We were at church this evening for a music practice for our Carol Service on Sunday night. Playing guitar is a chap called Mark. he’s a doctor which means he was the wisest man there (i checked with the other blokes and they were in agreement, so hopefully i didn’t upset anyone else).
just because he’s a doctor doesn’t make him wise of course. to prove his wisdom, he’s standing in front of the 10 commandments playing a fender guitar through a marshall amp. you can’t get wiser than that (unless you prefer gibsons).


4 thoughts on “advent day 11”

  1. a truely wise man would know never to suggest his was wise for he would understand the depth of his own lack of understanding on deeper issues.
    note these words grasshopper

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