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why i blog

having done the 6th month anniversary and 1000th post i thought to myself “why am i doing this”.

i hope this doesn’t all sound pompous. i wasn’t going to do a ‘why do i do it page’ but have found them useful when visiting other people’s blogs:
here are my thoughts:
1) i think i have a fantastic life. i’ve got a great family, we go to a great church, we’ve got great friends, we love where we live, i enjoy my job and like my colleagues, i even (mostly) enjoy my journey to and from work. All in all i have a good time and i want to share it with you the reader !
2) i’ve got an INCREDIBLY poor memory for events. blogging stuff helps remind me of what we did when.
3) it’s a useful way to keep our relatives and friends up to date on our daily activities.
4) many bizarre things happen to me. if i didn’t write them down they’d soon be forgotten. they are inconsequential but of potential comedy value to someone.
5) i’m a compulsive photographer and like most photographers need somewhere to display my photos.
6) my faith is the most important thing in my life. i’m an evangelical christian and i want to share (occasionally) what that means. i’m not going to ram it down anyone’s throat, but since this blog covers my whole life then it’s bound to come up. besides, i’d like nothing more than for you to know the fantastic freedom of having a personal relationship with God through Jesus ! yeah – i’m heaven bound (sermon over)
7) i suffer(ed) from chronic pain, and maybe i’ll write about that occasionally and that may be an encouragement to anyone else in lots of pain.
8) it’s fun and i get a buzz from receiving comments on stuff i say !


5 thoughts on “why i blog”

  1. Thanks for writing this. I have been debating to start my own blog for awhile now and with the proding of some other people telling me to just do it I think I’m going to. Right now though I’m hung up on a name for it, but once I think about it and get some free time I want to put my comments where my own blog is…

  2. I made my own photo-blog website for the same reasons as above. It’s fun having a place that you can share with your friends and family, and it’s also becoming a popular net trend of documenting everyday life. It’s only when you have taken photos for a while and review them do you realise how diverse your life really is.
    I’m a programmer so decided to write my own site to learn PHP and MySQL. It seems to take forever and it’s complicated, but well worth it if you have the time

  3. Emma, from Bucks in England

    Can I just say?… (funny how people ask that question then proceed anyway!) I found your Blog whilst stumbling through vast amounts of images on google, procrastinating as much as I could, for I had Art coursework to be done. (I am studying Art at Alevel) After clicking all over the shop to find me some inspiring material to draw, I found your little patch of land. As I scrolled the pictures you have taken on your daily walk-a-bouts and holidays with the family, I found the comments hillarious at times and other images made me think “hey, why didn’t I think of that before?!” I know this sounds all arty farty, (thats the way they’ve trained me now…noooo! :-)) but your almost journalistic photos are an art form within themselves. I don’t know if you set out for them to have this effect or what, but I enjoyed them very much…I suppose i’m more attracted to the simple things in life. After I had made my way through quite a few long pages of images I found myself thinking alot more “outside the box” when walking down the street and picked up on little things that I might not have seen before.
    Thank you for your inspirational site that has effected me in many ways, may your blog live long and prosper, such as your life. I will call back from time to time to see more added material.
    Emma Podmore, Bucks.

  4. I love your blog. I love your photos. I love it that you take photos of gloves and dog signs and obscure street furniture. I really love it when I like someone’s blog and then find out that they are a Jesus Freak just like me. Thank you for your blog.

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