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the british museum is a great dry shortcut when it’s raining. it was drizzling today so i walked through. i always try and take a slightly different route through to see what i can see. Best of all it’s free and they don’t mind you taking photos.
today I saw the Rosetta Stone and some weird head thing.
DSC08290.jpg DSC08294.jpg
there was also a map of London from the 1750s. Where i’m sitting now was just fields back then:
(click for big version)
The cool thing is that the George Bush Memorial walk was (mostly) possible back then too. perhaps some blogger from the 1750s proposed a similar walk for visiting dignatories making a state visit to the centre of the empire.


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  1. Isn’t that the place where we show all the stuff we stole throughout time and display it as our own?

  2. indeed. one school of thought is that we actually helped various countries and people groups throughout the world preserve their heritage because we kept it safe in museums.
    if they had kept it they probably would have pulverised it all because that’s what foreign people did in those days (unlike us civilised empire people).
    however, even if you believe that principle then we could probably give it all back now as those countries probably have their own museums now.
    although, it is nice having a rather large display of historic randomness less than 10 minutes from my office !

  3. I have a victorian street in an aircraft hanger ten mins from where I work.
    (I don’t no how to hypertext it on your blog comment page bit)
    Have you been there yet? If not then we all should go for a trip. I mean every one. even the people reading this post. It would be nice.

  4. Yeah, you are right, Mexico is trying to get back some Aztec pieces that are kept in a Austrian museum, I agree about that but they have preserved it exceptionally I had wish we were technically capable to get it in our own.

  5. It amazed me when i went to the British Museum, how technically, you could have touched the Rosetta Stone, the ACTUAL Rosetta Stone. American Museums aren’t like that. Everything is behind glass, or behind fences, or both.

  6. the rosetta stone WAS behind glass this time. i think that’s a relatively recent development though. most everything else is touchable (including stuff from nearly 3000 BC )!

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