a busy sunday

liz asked esther if she could remember the first time she rode her bike without stabilisers.
esther said “yes, because i am very memorable”.
here is esther eating her dessert of ice cream, clotted cream and custard:
summary of the day:

* out of the house at 8.15am to get to church for a music practice prior to the service at 9.30.
* played music in the service including a presentation item by the band
* kids band practice after the service (they are getting pretty good now)
* quick bacon sandwich with other people from church
* whizz home and have sunday roast with paul and liz followed by a walk and a cycle ride for esther
* finally out for tea with our friends The Kings who are quite literarly living up to their name by living like kings in luxury rented accomodation because their house nearly fell down.
All the girls were perfectly well behaved throughout the day (especially jane)
a busy but most excellent day !