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cranberry spray

cranberries have just moved in to the UK. i’d never heard of them when i was a kid, but now they seem to be everywhere. i had ostrich and cranberry burger last week, and now here is a can of cranberry spray. it’s for spraying surface or space. worth remembering if you ever join nasa and want to iradicate intergalactic odours.


4 thoughts on “cranberry spray”

  1. Cranberries have been available in the format of juice for several years. I have been told that it is good if you suffer form a certain STD that makes you hurt when you pee.

  2. cranberries are grown where I live, and actually, my aunt and uncle own a bog. You’ve never had cranberry sauce? It’s a jelly-type sauce that’s quite good with turkey. We eat it over here for Thanksgiving, which no, I am not stupid enough to ask of you celebrate, I’m just saying it’s a good meal.

  3. aha – i didn’t think of cranberry sauce which is eaten with lamb in the UK. we did have that when i was a kid, so we must have had cranberries back then (d’oh !).
    ‘bog’ is british slang for toilet by the way 😉

  4. Well then, we’ve got two bogs in our house. But there aren’t any cranberries.
    The juice is good for relieving bladder infections. Never heard about its power to curb STDs. Bizarre.

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