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bloody trains

this high speed train whizzed past my slow train this morning. i noticed there was a lot of blood on the front of it so searched it out when i arrived at Paddington. i suspected it would have been cleaned off by the time i got there, but it was still ‘attached’.
you can just about make out a piece of pigeon wing under the window-wipers so i suspect it was this that was splattered (or a fox with a pigeon in it’s mouth jumping from a bridge)


1 thought on “bloody trains”

  1. Reminds me of the eurostar ad where the bloke tries to “embrace” the front of the train-not at high speed though. I wonder if when driving cars, train drivers dont bother to swerve to avoid pigeons the road because they are conditioned by their day jobs to think that theres nothing much you can do to get out of the way…or when driving they just grab the first control that they can find in the train and “swerve” with that. I think that train companies should provide dummy steering wheels like childrens toys so that they do not lose the natural reflex to swerve thing.

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