here is a mighty fine thing i discovered thanks to Kookportal.
I’ve always been slightly freaked by facial hair (my own once massive, now slightly large, sideburns excepted). there are two types of beards: those out of control and uncared for, and those which have too much care and attention given them.
the great news is the World Beard and Moustache Championship is heading to London in 2007. i intend to be there …
Meanwhile i’ll get growing a nice handlebar (check out the gallery and read the descriptions).


3 thoughts on “beards”

  1. So what your saying is that the reason you pcik on me as your little brother is that I have a beard and your fear it.

  2. I want one of the mustaches that attach to the sideburns. Unfortunately, my sideburns leave much to be desired…like actually attaching to my hair.
    The Imperial is quite impressive, as well.

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