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working hours

i got annoyed today at work. doesn’t happen much, but i’m sick of people commenting when i leave to go home at 4.45pm. i often work on the train on the way in, i’m in the office around 8.15, usually don’t stop for lunch and usually end up doing extra work in the evenings. when i work from home i usually do even longer hours as i’m keen people don’t think i’m skiving.

i do my job, put my hours in and go home. i’m lucky i have an employer who respects that and allows me a certain amount of flexibility.
i get up at 6am and get home anytime 6-7pm. this last week with the trains being so bad, my journey to and from work has been taking over 2 hours, meaning I didn’t see the kids awake.
so i find it very annoying when EVERY evening people comment on my early departure.
sure there are others who work longer and harder, but i value my family higher than my work, so i make no excuses for coming in early and leaving early so i can see them in the evening (when the trains are running properly).
… and i told everyone as much as I left this evening. so maybe they’ll stop doing it. we’ll have to see.
but most of all, apologises to those who i had a strop at this evening.


3 thoughts on “working hours”

  1. Oops, Dave! Did you really get upset over our (innocent?) teasing (or is this considered bullying in the UK)? I think not. You know we read you site, and you just want to get back at us!
    BTW: Sara noticed a lot of “usually” in your text….

  2. i used the word usually when something happens more often than not. the ‘usually do even longer hours at home’ bit is because i sometime do the same hours as at work.
    anyway, subject (and comments) now closed. time to move on …

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