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office disco

i write to you as a sad failure. i just tried to whip my office in to a frenzy by holding an impromptu disco (an illegal desk-based rave maybe). we had music by Apples In Stereo pumping out from my PC and I even jiggled my shoulders slightly.
unfortunately after approximatly 40 seconds i realised no one else was interested so i turned the music off again and steadied my shoulders.
i’m not sure where i went wrong. might have something to do with the auditors being in the building and most of my desk-mates being accountants ? either on its own could stop the groovest of discoteques. together they are a lethal combination.
i await feedback from my colleagues as to why my ‘disco project’ failed.


3 thoughts on “office disco”

  1. i feel i may have been a little harsh on my numerical colleagues and for that i can only apologise.
    it’s obvious to me now that ‘danzlin daves daring disco’ was doomed to failure without a decent set of lights.

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