xmas – 26 things

word 21 – bad for you: chocolate vicars

How good is heaven going to be ? i fully expect it to be totally brilliant. like the best thing ever.
i may start eating chocolate bars again when i get there (or their celestial equivalent).
meanwhile, here on earth, we have to make do with giant chocolate vicars.


word 3 – family

i’ve been thinking about ‘family’ today in anticipation of this post and it occured to me that i have various different families:
1) my nuclear family
2) my extended family (up and down the family tree)
3) our immediate church family
4) christians anywhere in the world
5) the blogging family (where you probably know me better than i know you but we’re still a kind of family).
i was going to take a picture of our vicar this evening (as he and his wife invited us round for a lovely meal), but i forgot, so here are esther and kezia playing piano this morning instead.