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xmas 08

xmas tree


we threw our xmas tree away last wednesday.  it was a shame as the needles were still attached, and despite us chopping it down in December it was all quite alive.

and jane finally took the last few christmas cards down which were stuck on the downstairs toilet door a fortnight ago.  so i think christmas is finally over.  oh well.

christmas is finally over


i saw two signs that christmas was properly over last week.  a santa hat in a bin, and a branch less tree wandering naked in to the street.


we’ve still got 6 christmas cards stuck to a door in our house, so it’s not quite all over for us yet

man standing on a christmas tree


this man appeared to be standing on the top of a christmas tree in bath yesterday.  can you work out what’s going on here ?


tree season


i miss working in downtown london.  over the next few days the streets will be full of trees celebrating how london was once a dense pine forest.  the festival of abandoned trees only lasts a few days, but sadly i’ll miss it.

luckily i caught an early specimen as i walked to work (due to my car being broken) yesterday


12th night


“If you take down your lights before January 6th, the wise men may not be able to find their way.”  Although in these modern days you’d expect anyone wise enough would have a map or a satnav.  And since everyone has christmas lights anyway, it’s all slightly confusing.




christmas day


a few days after the event i can show you our christmas day.  a great scoff of food


but it was too much for james who fell asleep standing up leaning against his chair


james’ dad also feel asleep, but in a more comfortable location


binky cleaned up


whilst others played cards (racing demons) on the hallway floor


and here’s some cake.  a very jolly occasion




christmas – what it’s really about


i took this pictures back in 2003 and they still make me chuckle


the nativity is of course back out at church this year.  tomorrow’s blog will consist entirely of some of the characters within it.  and of course the wise men on their way


happy christmas !

worth clicking on the picture to enjoy the googly eyes holy family experience !

the three wise men


esther let me share this picture with you.  she was keen to tell me she drew it over a year ago, and i actually fished it out of her dustbin to take the photo.

you might think the wise man on the left is heading in the wrong direction, but he’s actually hurrying along his camel.  we can only see the head of the camel as esther wasn’t able to draw camels at that stage.

so now we know.

gary the glove snowman


another blog offering from esther.  it’s garry the glove snowman

the funkypancake christmas performance

esther and kezia made up a special christmas show which they were happy for me to share with you. so here it is:

and a second (repeat) performance viewed from a slightly different angle:

the mystery thing was …


it was our spookily attractive angel viewed from underneath (she’s the one on the left).  she’s got no body so we were looking up her neck hole.