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xmas 05

the absolute final xmas dinner (for 2005)

yesterday we had our final xmas dinner. this time for the ‘telco team’
here are john, walter, harry and pete.
here’s pete’s pudding pie
and here’s my cake. i used to be known as cakey-dave you know


xmas pack-away

we got over 123 xmas cards this christmas. jane counted them. she counted up to 123 then found a few more.


i saw my first abandoned christmas tree on new year’s day. here are two i saw yesterday
this one is looking very sad. i like to think it was actually in someone’s house like this. it would certainly take up less room that way
and i saw this absolute whopper on the way back to the station

xmas lunch #7 – the final version

yesterday was our final xmas lunch featuring jane’s sister’s family and her parents.
christmas cracker toys this year have been very good. yesterday jane’s mum got a water pistol which she promptly loaded and fired at all present. not to be outdone jane’s dad quickly loaded his gun (using her glass of water)
an experienced water gun handler if ever there was one
and once it was all over, kevin sat alone with napster trying to find boney m

this is a giant eraser from a christmas cracker

merry chris

is your name chris ? are you merry ? if so, this is for you. someone’s broken christmas lights.

seeing the light (again)

we’ve been to see these famous house lights before (see here and here), but we thought we shouild pay our annual homage to this fantastic house. one year i’ll get a decent photo but for now, here’s one stitched together from loads of smaller ones.

christmas fatigue

jane suddenly realises that christmas is coming to an end.

xmas surrealism

picture of a person in a hat with an apple. that’s surrealism.

hear no evil
what a great christmas idea !

failing to set fire to the pudding

it’s traditional to set christmas puddings on fire. jane managed it and it was quite impressive. but unfortunately, by the time it made it to the table it was out. Jane’s dad was intrigued.