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off for a walk


the weather was terrific last sunday so we went on a geocaching adventure


chiltern way extension


extensions are very popular at the moment.  although, the chiltern way is the chiltern way isn’t it ?  that like saying the ‘stonehenge extension’.  it’s just not right.  not that i’m an expert on national footpaths.  just so you know.

just half an hour walk


i like this simple map of the south bank.  i especially like the fact it shows the distance as ‘just half an hour walk’.  i imagine for a lot of people that would not be ‘just’ a short walk.

i’m all for walking.

4 years of measured walking


Exactly 4 years ago to the day (give or take 2 days) i started measuring my daily walking distances.  In total i’ve walked over 8,000 miles.  in a fortnight’s time i’d have reached hong kong from london if i’d walked all that in a straight line.  i didn’t though, so i haven’t

here are big eye tony’s shoes as i thought i should include some shoes along with this post, and i spotted these shoes in my yet-to-post picture folder (currently containing 1,445 images i’m afraid)

nearly empty

after a year and a quarter of car commuting i think i consider it my main method of transport which is a real shame as i’m a dedicated walker.  according to my statistics i walk on average 63km / week. 

last week was a particularly car intensive week and i only walked 24km which is the lowest since i started recording my walking distances every day on the 2nd February 2004.  Since then i’ve walked 15,460,260km.

anyway, i don’t like filling my car up with petrol as it’s a waste of time.  my car has one of those displays that tells you how far you’ve got left petrol-wise.  mine said i had 50 miles to go on monday morning and seeing as my commute was less than 30 miles, and there was a petrol station near my office, i thought i’d be ok.  but i hadn’t allowed for the fact that the display may lie.

so as i drove my 30 miles, the distance to empty meter dropped quicker and quicker, and when i got to the petrol station i only had 6 miles to go.  i then spent over 50 of our earth pounds filling it back up again.


how exciting was that story ?  funkypancake is getting more like a regular blog, and for that i can only apologise.

walk everywhere

just in case you were wondering, i’ve now walked over 11,689 (7,246 miles) since i started measuring my daily walking on the 2nd February 2004. That’s an average of 65km/week. or something.

crazy walk

another day off last wednesday so jane and i went on a walk in crazies hill. here is penny lane
unfortunately the book was a bit vague and we got quite lost and went off the side of the map by quite a distance (we discovered later). this sign helped us find our way back on track.
it was a jolly nice place. you should go.

a steaming pile of countryside

jane and i did a lovely walk in Hambleden yesterday which was great and covered all your essential inland walking requirements – dense wood, flowing hills, fields full of sheep, a short walk alongside a main road and a stretch alongside the thames before arriving back at the free carpark next to a pub. fantastic stuff.
hambleden is a picturesque place often used for filming. We did the circular walk downloadable here. it’s only the walk which is downloadable. you still have to walk it yourself.

10,000 km (that’s a quarter of the way round the world)

well, it’s another 10,000 celebration here on funkypancake. last wednesday i passed the 10,000 km walking mark since I started keeping a daily record of my walking distances in 2nd February 2004
from london that would get me to paraguay, thailand, vietnam, macau or cambodia.
my knees have become quite painful of late which i’ve put down to more driving rather than the walking, but you never know. You can see the effect of my recent job change on the graph. Over the last 2 months my average weekly walking has been nearer 40km than 75km.

5000 miles (8000kms) !
as you know, i’ve been measuring my peds with my pedometer since February 2004. And earlier this week i passed the 5000 mile / 8000 kilometre mark !
if i’d done all that walking in a straight line from London i would have got as far as Beijing ! Instead i’ve been going round in circles and ended up back where i started.

7000th post

i missed the fact i’d done my 7,000th blog post on monday. ooops. hoorah belatedly and thanks for continuing to visit !
also, i passed the 4000 mile mark on my walking measurements last week.
i’m still thinking about what to do for my 400th birthday on the 1st December. i’ll be in brussels on the day itself, but i’m sure we should do something blogwise.