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welsh spooky eyed dolls


these things are brilliant and it was great to see a giant basket full of them, all sleeping soundly


day 9 stackpole lakes and broad haven


day 9 started off promising weatherwise so we whizzed off to the stackpole lakes car park where you can walk to the golden broad haven beach just round the corner from barafundle.  finally the girls were properly dressed for the beach in wellies and waterproofs !

the walk to the beach is by these lovely sheltered lakes (or you can park next to the beach and walk down some steps)


we found this dr who alien on the beach.


then we walked back to the car and popped round to the other side of the lake for a quick geocache find


there was much singing and dancing after this was successfully completed


beach shoes at barafundle


whilst jane and i huddled together in our warm hoodies, raincoats and boots, our girls threw off their shoes, and threw on their swimming costumes to shiver in the sea.

only in britain would you find people wearing skimpy sunbathing clothes alongside those more suitably dressed for winter wind and rain

rhossili beach

how fantastic is this place ? it’s rhossili beach and you really should visit (especially during a heatwave!)

down at the beach

i had some time off work last week so we spent three days in wales. the weather was fabulous and we spent everyday on the beach.
here are the girls in sand holes (safety precautions were observed at all times)