the danube
a picture from back in september.


here are the Gasometers of Vienna which have been converted in to a shopping mall and student housing. see here for more details
the entrance

the four gasometers from the side

the roof from the inside

the wonky next door building (which really was this angle)

and a sign


i’m in vienna for a few days at a conference. did you guess ?
it seems a very friendly place. i was sitting on my own in an outside cafe when a couple of people asked if they could sit down at my table. i said yes and 5 of them turned up (4 of whom are here)
they spoke German to each other so i haven’t got much of an idea what they were talking about, although i did understand when they were talking about cakes. shows how useful my school-boy German was
(or at least how much i listened !)
just as i was leaving i had a little conversation with them and wished i’d talked to them earlier as they seemed jolly nice people. oh well.