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umbrella farm


the day after they declared a drought it rained like a mad thing for a week (and looks like for another week).  here’s an umbrella collection at work looking like a mushroom farm.  well, a bit.

soggy wales

no sooner had we gone across the welsh border and we knew this was going to be a  wet holiday.  it was also at this point i realised that my photos weren’t going to reveal the extent of the rain, so you’ll mostly just have to take my word for it.

here is a bin with an abandoned brolly.  possibly dumped there by someone leaving the country.

080809_850_img_9908.jpg  080809_850_img_9910.jpg

various people braved the elements to walk their soggy dogs.


wind and rain


wind and rain go hand in hand, yet the umberolly rarely seems up to the job.  here are but two which failed the road test.


the umbrellas of belfast


there were a lot of umbrellas abandoned in belfast, so there were.

071108_850_img_5682.jpg 071108_850_img_5685.jpg

the irish people i met were proud of their drizzly windy weather so i assume these brollies were abandoned with glee

071108_850_img_5672.jpg 071108_850_img_5674.jpg 
071108_350d_img_7172.jpg 071108_350d_img_7181.jpg