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wheel barrow


different people chose different transports

look for dolly trains


i’ve been after a picture of this sign for yonks and finally managed to get a picture the other week.  i had to drive to the airport (rather than get a taxi) and got there an hour early just so i could walk back up the main road and grab the picture.  well worth it i’d say !

sugar ship


big ship passing under the big bridge to collect some sugar from the sugar refinery.  sweet as bro

bus lane


bus, motorbike and bike.  that’s evolution in action.

travel anywhere


this cupboard has appeared in our local train station ticket office area.  it claims you can travel anywhere.  just step inside i guess.


it’s good the british train system is finally embracing technology advances

victoria station


i stood very still in victoria station for 15 minutes yesterday waiting for my chum toby.  i loved listening to the hubub.  it was actually quite quiet and the only thing i could hear were whispers and shuffly shoes.  just snippets of conversations caught as people floated through to other places.

at one point a trolley went by loaded with things to sell.  it went behind me and i grabbed this shot with my camera just as this girl walked by.  i thought you might want to see it, so here it is.

and in my new non-working ability to provide you with extras beyond just photos, here’s some audio i recorded of the station.  sounds a bit louder than when i was there. victoria station.wav

it’s more like an audible scribble rather than any useful int it ?  oh well. 



to wave me off, tesco installed these chaps – bananas in pyjamas. what a nice thought. i might go along next week with a pile of 20pence pieces and ride them all day long.  or i might not.


roller blading business man climbs some stairs


i wouldn’t attempt this in roller blades, even if i was wearing a safety hat and a safety tie.  i was a bit worried following him up the stairs.  luckily nothing untowards happened.