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telephone boxes

internet telephony disaster


now comments are back working (i hope) you can tell me which of these three pictures you like bestest!  i like the chap on the phone above


but i aso like this one with its whizzy bike.


telephone box adopts a fridge

this fridge is hanging out with a telephone box.
i wonder if the telephone box is looking after the fridge during the summer holidays, and it’s had to take it to work due to child care issues ?

london telecom

this is a bit nerdy, but you would have thought a telecoms company would have noticed that the 0181 outer london code was replaced a number of years ago with 020 8, and the number on this van can’t be dialled.
it’s never a good idea to show you don’t know what you’re meant to know so blatantly.

a very sinister scene: a man trapped in a phone box by a bollard and a big doc marten boot in the foreground.

please ring

an instruction on a pile of rubbish