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urban toothbrii


look at these chaps out in the street.  the one in the foreground above looks in quite good shape, but old yellow has a few problems.  i fear for pinky (above) being lead astray.  or perhaps it’s gone out to help the yellow. 

i find the toothbrushes / toothbrii behaviour very difficult to read.


grin and bin

i hadn’t been to a dentist for about 15 years, but i finally went last week. as expected there was much poking about and i had to have some x-rays done so the next plan of action could be agreed.
yesterday i went for a spit and polish which was not particularly pleasant, but not as bad as i’d feared.
the dentist man let me take a photo of the x-ray which was kind. you can even see my missing front tooth (or not)
usually by reading someone’s blog you can build a mental picture of them. in my case you can build a physical picture too with these teeth and my spine bottom

my worst picture ever ?

this made me feel a bit sick so i thought i’d share it with you. it’s a pair (?) of grubby looking dentures
they were left on a bin on the southbank in london (in case they are yours and you want to pop back to get them)

esther’s front tooth fell out

big day in our household yesterday. esther’s tooth fell out (helped by her) at approximately 5am. it looks like the replacement is well on its way though.
she’s written a letter to the tooth fairy telling her not to deliver the cash until next sunday as she’s away this week visiting relatives (esther not the tooth fairy)

painless removal

esther lost her first tooth yesterday. this morning the tooth fairy left her a letter informing her she’ll be popping by at the weekend to pick it up.
the tooth fairy (TF) is so organised these days. but i suppose that’s the result of kids drinking so much fizzy drinks. teeth that rot away don’t get any cash from the TF, so she’s got a bit more time on her hands.
DSC06698.jpg DSC06699.jpg