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tech stuff

a plate full of goodness


here’s some items leant to our recent visitors which they returned to me on a plate.  the mobile phones (in case you were wondering) are called charlie and arnold.  good friends.

various controllers


kezia said this would make a good picture and it does.  it shows the controllers for the various items we’ve got plugged in to our telly.







the long long queues for the new iPhone on oxford street yesterday morning


computer 2000


these people are still in denial about the millennium bug.  i suspect they think it’s a cover-up and the world is actually falling apart computery speaking.

hands on radioactivity and other exhibits

the museum in the palace of culture and science is a very strange place. totally bonkers.
it’s mostly an old school exhibits-at-arms-length in glass cages types of place, but there was one hands on area.
unfortunately it was a demonstration of radioactivity which i thought i’d like to avoid. (it’s worth noting chenobyl isn’t too far from poland)
still, they had some bonkers exhibits like this type writer which used piano keys for the letters.
and an exhibit which banned the use of thumbs
and an ancient walkman
and some old mobile phones which were surrounded by pennies, seemingly for no other reason than the glass case they were in wasn’t done up properly so there was space to drop pennies in (so people did)
and this thing is a pilot training simulator thing (with penny farthings for authenticity)
here is an early apple mac
and the fantastic trolley computer
and i thought this sign was particularly telling. it was in the space section and announced that this rocket was a genuine exhibit (unlike all the others i assume).
the music had a really weird atmosphere and was quite fantastic – you must go next time you are in warsaw (although i wouldn’t make the trip just to go).

alien technology

the fight against aliens is taking place on the streets of london:

any ideas what this vehicle is for ?


here is an advert sent for spam and rice, which is apparently quite big in Honolulu. Dan sent it to me and it is a good one (although it’s taken me about a month to share it with you !)

by the way, if you got spammed/virused big time from an email address which is associated with one of my domains then i can only apologise. it was absolutely nothing to do with me and i suspect it was just one of those nasty virus things which uses some random email address to hide its true origin. things like that are SO annoying.
anyway, i’ve now got a nice collection of angry return emails if anyone is interested. it’s interesting how they vary in text and style.

fire telephone

ever had to make someone redundant ? lacked the necessary technical equipment ?
you need a fire phone
available at a street corner near you soon.


i was intrigued to see these dumped fence panels down the little path i cut through to get to the train station in the morning.
i like how the front panel has slipped down and made a nice shape which i’m sure can be described mathematically. but i can’t remember what it’s called.