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watching this from afar was like that game of lemmings.  a steady stream of people climbing the stairs and dropping off the top.


the crazy swimming pool lady

i spotted this when out shopping with esther and kezia. we weren’t sure if the crazy pool lady comes in the box, or whether she tracks you down later. but it’s got to be annoying having here doing a funny sideways dance round your pool all the time. you’d never be able to relax

early morning bathers

i had a meeting down near Buckingham Palace at 10am yesterday so i caught my normal train which got in to Paddington at 7am (meaning i could do an hour’s work on the train and feel good about the day before it had even started)

i walked to St James’ park where i sat and did another two hours work, but on the way i saw people swimming in the Serpentine. It’s part of some swimming club apparently which is only open 6.30-9am