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tesco shelves, back to the disaster


it was all looking so good for tesco in the reduced to clear section.  but it’s back to it’s usual dumping ground.  and there’s even a load of carrier bags in there (which is more than can be said for the check out where they seem to be banned)


tesco discount shelf update


things look to be improving on the tesco discount shelf after the chaos of the last few months.  although i did notice when i went by a week ago that some of the Corn Flake Mix had turned in to pick n mix.


however, earlier this week everything was looking very orderly and nice.  so well done tesco.


discount goods shelves


things got worse at the reduced to clear shelf at tesco.  lose spaghetti and a mop alongside the broken french stick.  yesterday when i went they’d cleaned the shelf all up nice and orderly which was good.  sadly due to having the wrong trousers (grommit) i had a rare camera-less moment and didn’t take a photo.


i was delighted to see some reduced to clear stock in a new zealand supermarket.  the shot above was at the local supermarket.


and this very neat bargain bin was at a more upmarket shop.

murder in the aisles ?


if you were going to murder someone in tescos, i advise you to do it by the jars of beetroot, as no one will be bothered by the pool of blood.  especially if you do it at my local tesco where it’s more of a novelty to find a clean bit of floor.  in fact, they’d probably scoop up the body and put it in the reduced goods area and sell it off cheap.

not that funkypancake in any way condones or encourages murdering, either in supermarkets, or outside them (or even in the entrance)

compost taster


this is something supermarkets don’t do enough.  opened bags of things so you can cop a feel before you buy.  what sampler ‘touchers’ would you like at a supermarket ?  i might like to get my hand in some custard