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cycling in stockholm

if you have time to spare in stockholm and the weather isn’t too bad, go cycling. it’s great.

breakfast with a view

i’m working from home today as the office aircon is still on the blink. so here’s some Stockholm pictures instead !
Our hotel room was on the 4th floor so we had room service bring the breakfast and we sat by the window watching the world go by whilst eating ham and cheese sandwiches.

equality in stockholm

there seems to have been some rather clever editing done on a number of Stockholm’s street crossing signs. here is one such example:

funky hat (and head)

this was in a hat shop window in old town in stockholm. i suspect it’s been there since from when the old town was known as new town. it would have fitted in quite nicely with these dolls at Pollock’s.

my favouritist statue

here is my favouritist statue in the whole world. it’s the tiny weeny chap in Stockholm. i saw him last October and was really pleased to share him with jane:
we came back to see him late at night when it was quiet (left), but i was very sad to see him early on Sunday morning hidden amongst a massive group of tourists who were throwing money at him and rubbing his head 9right).
i prefer to keep him to myself:
DSC00117.jpg DSC00365.jpg

20 kronas

i found 20 kronas on the floor (less than £2). we had just enough money in the whole of our weekend, even down to buying a last coke at the airport with our last notes and coins. at the time we thanked this found note for making the final coke possible.
but i found it when i got back to the UK in my purse. oh well.

lugshury accomodation

exactly a week ago, jane and i went to the hotel diplomat in stockholm for a weekend. it was totally fantastic. here are pictures of our bedroom / sitting room / office
DSC00037.jpg DSC00038.jpg
the view from the window was amazing too. more pictures on this to follow.